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 I recently created a YouTube Channel which helps clients and non-clients understand more about what's important to their business, such as best entity types, best states in which to form an entity, how to form an LLC in various states, steps to take after setting up an LLC, how to obtain an EIN (Tax ID), how to download a free Operating Agreement, etc.  See below:

I made the following videos to answer the following common questions:

  • What is the best entity type (C Corp, S Corp, LLC or LLC Taxed as S Corp)?

  • HHow to Start an LLC in California.

  • What to do after your LLC is formed.

  • What to include in an LLC Operating Agreement.

  • Should I choose a Member Managed or Manager Managed LLC?

  • What is the Best State in Which to Form an LLC?.

  • How to Create a Free LLC Operating Agreement.

  • How to Get and EIN (Employer Identification Number) for Free.

  • How to Create a Free Residential Lease Agreement for California.

Note that I have other videos coming on a regular basis.  To subscribe to my YouTube Channel and get them as they are released, please: ​

Best Entity Type for You
and Your Business

How to Form an
LLC in California

What To Do After
Forming LLC

What to Include in
Operating Agreement

What is the Best State in Which to Form an LLC?

Member Managed vs
Manager Managed LLC

How to Create California Lease Agreement for Free

How to Create Free LLC Operating Agreement

How to Get and EINNumber (Tax ID) for Free

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